Top 5 Best DJ Mixing Software

Easily mixing audio, music video and karaoke on Windows or Mac.

Nowadays there is a large number of mixing programs for DJs, in which all, or at least most of the functions can be found practically in all available programs. So, if you’re getting started in the world of disco music and have no intention of spending money buying software, in this article you will find the best current software, which costs nothing, and is perfectly suitable to go into the world of DJing. This is the best free alternative to expensive programs that many times lack the important features. Keep reading to find out the perfect program for DJs.

Here we compared top 5 best DJ mixing software to help you mixing audio, video and karaoke.

DJ Mixing Software

Top 1: CuteDJ - Best Tested!

CuteDJ is a DJ program for Windows that offers several features for those who want to play DJ or even for someone looking for a tool with more professional bias. It allows you to make remixes and also to use scratches, scratching discs to the last track.

This application even brings advances functions so that the transition between tracks is smooth, including beat sync so that it becomes even more subtle, ideal to those who want to present at a party with even more competence. There is still a series of profiles and preset resources, which can be used to automate your DJ life.

Several configurations for equalizer and audio effects, buttons and more buttons for you to further enhance your DJ life, that is all here. CuteDJ is one of those applications that work very well with touch screens.

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CuteDJ is a very interesting application for those who want to be a professional or amateur DJ. The features it offers guarantee ample management in reproductions, and you can enjoy the full program for free for 30 days, a good period to evaluate if the purchase is worthwhile or not.

Anyway, the interface is modern and has great visual appeal, thus very well organized. This characteristic is essential to make an application such as CuteDJ usable and practical, without too many hidden things - which, let us face it, is essential to a good program of its kind.

The media organization tools here will also leave nothing to be desired, ensuring you a good visual separation of several elements. It is worth to note that the CuteDJ installer is not big and it can easily run on simple computers, which is another positive point of this program.

In short, those looking for a DJ program have found here a great option, which deserves attention and should handle many needs of a professional on the field.


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PCDJ DEX is an application for you to release your inner DJ and go around livening up your friends’ parties.

This is because it is full of functions for you to make mixes and create electronic music, so that you can freely combine tracks and effects according to your creativity.

The program itself is paid, and that is why this alternative can be used without limitations, however, you will need to reopen the application every 30 minutes. Even if the application is full of options, it will not cause lag on your computer while in use.

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Editor's Review:

PCDJ DEX is a program that lets you break out the sound and liven up any party without major complications. It is certainly one of the most complete in its category, allowing the mixing of songs and varied mixing, combine sound and video, and even come up with your own karaoke, with its own resources for this option alone.

Actually, a really interesting point in this program is that it performs the mixing of sounds function easier, allowing you to keep focused on the other tasks you might want to work on. Commands are arranged in categories, and while those referent to a specific deck remain fixed to its sector, those for general use are open via the button that represents them.

The highlight of this application is the amount of available effects and functions, making it one of the most complete in its category. So, with the program you can modify tempo, beat, and compass of a song, create sequences, repetitions, distortions, among several available options.

In addition, it has a friendly interface, which makes the use itself a little easier, especially while you are still exploring the provided options. Another interesting point is that it brings a system for you to identify each of the functions on screen and several tutorial videos on the developer’s page.

However, the application does not come with ready material and your creations will be done completely from scratch. Therefore, the ideal is that you do not let yourself be intimidated by the amount of buttons and bars and try to explore the interface as much as possible - something that will make your experiences with the application a lot more interesting.

Even with its great number of tools, the program is really light and won’t cause freezing or lagging during use. So, if you want to play DJ and create professional mixes, but without too much complication, it is worth it to give PCDJ DEX a try.

Top 3: OtsAV DJ

OtsAV DJ is a PC-based professional digital media playout system for the Windows platform used by DJs, broadcasters, venues & music / video solution providers. OtsAV is the premier AV software, with first-class automation and full manual control, in popular use since 1999.

It offers enhanced sound features, volume management, integrated dynamics processor, automated mixing, virtual scratch effects, hourly and daily scheduling and song cues. The program can import your audio files into it`s searchable media library which allows you to quickly access songs by clicking on genre buttons. Other features include playback logs, playlists, album cover display (if available), AutoDJ, visual effects and more. OtsDJ also includes a remote access server that lets you control the main features from any browser on your network.

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OtsAV DJ is a program that can facilitate the lives of many people, from the recording aspect to visual production. The program has a fair range of features, considering that the more advanced users could label it as a DEMO version with limited features, but in the end it performs far beyond expected.

The program ends up being recommended to those curious about the subject and for professionals who work on the audiovisual field. If you fit this description, don’t wait a second longer to make your mix!


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Top 4: DJ Mixer Pro

DJ Mixer Pro is a mixing program developed for all those who want to venture into the world of DJs and to professionals who are looking for an easier means of mashing different songs. With operatins based on a simple drag of the mouse, the program is an uncomplicated option capable of surprising results.

The first characteristic one notices when starting DJ Mixer Pro is the developers’ commitment to offering the most comfortable experience possible. In addition to allowing utilization of any computer song in an easy manner, through a search system similar to Windows Explorer, there is the option of integrating the program in a quick way to the iTunes library.

After deciding which files you wish to use, all the user needs is to drag them to one of the available decks. To facilitate the transition between tracks or even the simultaneous reproduction of two songs, there is a BPM (beats per minute) indicator for each one, as well as a button that synchronizes the tempo of the songs.

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DJ Mixer Software is not exactly a paradigm-breaking program, but it surprises for offering common functions in accessible way for any type of user. I.e., unlike other programs that promise a lot of functions but prove too complicated to use, DJ Mixer Software does not require any previous knowledge to be mastered.

This is due to the interface, which consists of a simple dragging of the mouse, as well as the button layout. As bonus, the user also has the option to save finished projects and show them to others, even after exiting the program. The only thing missing is the inclusion of some editing tools, which would make the program even more complete.


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Top 5: Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is an application that puts you in charge of a digital mixing table, all in front of your computer.

If you have always wanted to know what it is like to be a DJ, this is a really interesting virtual alternative that presents several advances features.

As with a traditional table, you can put two tracks to play, one on each side, and make a mix of the two or alternate reproduction smoothly. You can, for instance, use a phone to listen to one side of the table while the song on the other side is playing on speakers. Use the advanced tools to create samples and tweak other track details.

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Editor's Review:

Virtual DJ is an amazing program for those who want to adventure through the world of music and learn a little more about this very interesting craft. It simulates with precision a professional mixing table and has very advanced resources, even if it is not too simple to use all its features if you don’t know much about DJ techniques.

If you have never seen a mixing table before and don’t know any of the tools on such devices, it might be difficult to be able to use all the features of Virtual DJ. It is really complete and has laterally organized buttons, but one basic problem: too many options, and you might end up lost!

There is no tutorial or even much explanation for the commands: you need to look it up from outside sources before using this application, if you really want professional results. This doesn’t stop users from fiddling with everything to discover the features, but it is a lot friendlier to those who have had previous contact with DJ tools.

The tools on Virtual DJ are good, nobody can deny it. It provides two sides of reproduction, allows the creation and storage of samples in special buttons, has several audio edition features and allows you to edit two tracks in real time to make a live mix. This requires a lot of technique and knowledge, but it will provide you with the required tools.

This program can be used for a small party with friends or to create personalized tracks with professional production! It doesn’t compare to a real table, but if you want a computer app with virtual simulators, it passes quality tests and gets results that do not distort sound and allow you to train your DJ abilities around!


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